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Standard access resources are free to use. But please register with us here before using any BTF resources. This helps us understand where the BTF model is in use, and means we can give you any important updates.

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However, if you would like to use the resources for research please use the Contact us page and wait until we get back in touch to discuss your proposal.

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Conditions of use

The BTF model image is free to use with the following conditions:

1. The image cannot be amended or adapted in any way.

2. The following statement needs to be included with the image:

Reproduced with permission of the Cambridge Breathlessness Intervention Service.

3. The following reference needs to be cited:

Spathis A, Booth S, Moffat C, Hurst R, Ryan R, Chin C, et al. The Breathing, Thinking, Functioning clinical model: a proposal to facilitate evidence-based breathlessness management in chronic respiratory disease. npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine. 2017;27(1):27.

4. The image cannot be used to support research without prior permission (please request permission here).